Urgency Program

Our new Urgency Program is now operating at full speed, significantly reducing product lead times. We have strong confidence that this innovative program will greatly benefit our customers by enabling them to offer faster and enhanced services to their clientele. At PRL, we are continually seeking fresh methods and innovative approaches to strengthen our business partnerships and ensure mutual success. We are excited to witness the immediate impact of our new lead time and expediting program. You will now find this information included in all our quotes and order confirmations.

Our objective is not only to provide lead times in each quote but also to introduce an expediting charge schedule outlining the costs associated with expediting your project within our manufacturing and fabrication capabilities. This groundbreaking concept will allow you to assess the urgency of your customers’ needs, giving you and your clients the flexibility to select the most suitable lead times for your projects. The lead time program will be calculated based on working days and will commence once job confirmations are signed off and approved.

Please bear in mind that for our customers located outside our immediate area, these lead times do not account for shipping or transit times. However, rest assured that if your project requires special delivery services, our shipping department is ready to collaborate with you. They can provide a range of shipping options to expedite delivery in accordance with your budget and project requirements.

PRL takes pride in offering the “fastest lead times in the industry,” and we eagerly anticipate assisting you in making your next project with us a resounding success!

If time is of the essence we can accelerate the lead times to complete your project faster!
If you have any questions on how our new Urgency program will work Please contact the following staff:

  •  800-433-7044
  • info@prlglass.com
  • Info@prlaluminum.com

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