Operation and Maintenance Manual

PRL’s Bi-Folding accordion door


This is the handle on the swing door and is shown in neutral and or locked position. If the door is locked turn the thumb-turn (lower part) and you will feel and hear the dead latch, unlock. In
this case it would be an anti-clockwise turn. Opposite door will turn opposite.



To open the door, after unlocking, push handle down and push
door out. To close the door, simply pull the door toward you with the
handle in the neutral position.


To close the door tightly against the weather, pull the handle lightly toward you and turn handle up, as shown. You will feel and hear the dead bolts and shoot bolts engage.
To lock the door from intrusion you will turn the thumb-turn.

In this case you will turn it clockwise, opposite hand will be opposite direction.

NOTE: you cannot lock the door from intrusion unless you have engaged the dead and shoot bolts as described above.

To operate folding leaves: Shown is the lock handle and pull handle (left side).
The lock handle is shown in the locked position.

Unlocking the folding leaves is by turning the handle up and away from the door stile. Shown here it is turned to the right, opposite door will turn opposite. Once in this position you can push the stile away from you and the doors will start to fold.
If your door has a swing door included, you must have unlocked the swing door. You will find that you get the best leverage to open the door by pushing the leaves to about 45 degrees open and then turning and pushing parallel to the track. Closing the folding leaves is the opposite from opening. Once into the near closed position you will pull the pull-handle lightly toward you and turn the locking handle down. This will engage the shoot bolts at the top and bottom.

Recommended maintenance

There is a minimum amount of maintenance required for the curtain wall provided on this project.
We have enclosed a copy of the A.A.M.A.’s care and handling of aluminum products for your information.
Refer to the glass manufactures instructions for care and cleaning of glass. Do not use harsh cleaners such as
alkali’s, thinners, or ammonia.

Replacement and spare parts

The aluminum extrusions are uniquely designed and manufactured by PRL Aluminum. Replacement parts are exclusively available through PRL Aluminum. The glazing gaskets are a proprietary PRL design and are provided by Tremco of Ashland, Ohio. To obtain replacement parts for these, please contact PRL Aluminum. The thermal separator is another proprietary design of PRL and is supplied by Ensinger, New York. Replacement parts for the thermal separator can only be acquired by contacting PRL Aluminum since they are an integral component of the extruded aluminum. As for the hardware, it comprises a combination of off-the-shelf components and proprietary designs that are custom-made for P.R.L. Some of the hardware is sourced from Assa Abloy in Reno, Nevada, while other parts are manufactured in-house by PRL. For replacement hardware components, please reach out to PRL Aluminum, as they are the sole provider of these items.

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